The Complete Guide to finding Steroids for Sale

Anabolic steroid usage has increased year upon year – and 2019 has been no different. Now – more than ever – gym goers and bodybuilders are turning to anabolics to enhance their physique and performance, but sourcing AAS is still illegal and can provide somewhat of a challenge. 

Purchasing steroids online isn’t like getting your hands on a new shirt or TV. Black market goods – like steroids – are harder to source, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be bought at all. In fact, some sites in 2019 now offer payment methods similar to legitimate websites selling legitimate products; some even accept credit and debit cards!

I know that may seem astounding (you’re definitely thinking ‘How on earth can website supplying steroids be allowed to sell them and take card payments?!’), but some sites have found a way of bypassing the normal rules and taking advantage of a few loophole that allow them to offer payment methods that most suppliers cannot.

But where can these suppliers be found? Do they offer genuine steroids for sale? Is it safe? Where can they be found? Well, in this article we will delve head first in this topic and answer all of the questions and more.

Important information before buying steroids

Before we start discussing the above topic and questions, we must discuss steroid usage in brief, otherwise we wouldn’t feel right. We care about you, our valued readers, and we want to ensure that you make informed decisions that are right for you. Although it is entirely down to you whether or not you take AAS, you must be aware of the risks involved in doing so. Although use of steroids can be done relatively safely (in the grand scheme of things), side effects do occur and in some cases can be severe and harmful to health. Please think long and hard before turning to drugs such as steroids, and be aware of the potential consequences of taking them.

Where can I find legitimate steroid sites?

The online steroid market has changed massively over the last five or so years, with a huge influx of sites that now occupy many, many pages on Google when a term related to the purchase of steroids is searched for. And that is where our journey will start: on Google (or you search engine of choice). Finding steroids is just like finding any other type of product or goods, i.e. searching for them using a search engine. When doing so, you’ll be presented with a plethora of results, which naturally leads to the thought, ‘Ok, so there are hundreds of sites that sell anabolics, but which ones are legitimate?’.

Finding suppliers that are real (and won’t scam you) is a lot easier than it used to be, thanks to the growth and power of the World Wide Web. News travels fast on the internet, and any unscrupulous supplier will soon find themselves exposed and potentially under fire. This is due to the fact that there are two huge steroid review sites – eRoids and MuscleGurus – which are a godsend where finding genuine online stores is concerned. This, coupled with the sheer amount of bodybuilding forums and discussion boards, means that the potential purchaser of steroids has their back covered pretty much all the way.

There are two ways by which you can locate a store that sells the steroid(s) you’re after. You can either head over to one of the above-mentioned steroid review sites, select your country, see which sites rank highly and head over to those to see which takes payment by card; or, you go onto Google, search for a term related to the purchase of anabolics, browse the results, find sites that tick all of your boxes (re products and payment) and then proceed check them out on either eRoids or MuscleGurus. Either of these ways will allow you to see which are the best sites for your purposes.

Do many suppliers accept card payment?

Despite the sheer number of online stores currently in existence, only a small amount actually take payment by credit or debit card. This is for obvious reasons, i.e. because no bank or payment company is going to allow their services to be used to sell illegal goods. However, as stated in the introduction, some suppliers have found ways around this. 

Although we’ve not analysed everything single site out there, we estimate that around 10% of suppliers accept card. Although this is a relatively small percentage, there still is the potential to find them and purchase this way. 

Where can you find them? Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a list or database of sites that exists within this specific area of the steroid market; therefore, you must carry out the leg work in order to find them. However, this certainly isn’t as tedious as it sounds, as the process isn’t too dissimilar from the one mentioned above. It is simply a case of finding suppliers who sell the anabolics you’re wanting to buy and then seeing if they take card. Although it may take a little time to do this, it won’t take long before you do locate a suitable vendor.

Making your first steroid purchase

Buying steroids online for the first time can be a daunting process – particularly if you’re using your credit or debit card to do so. However, there are many steps you can take to ensure that you and your money stays safe and your get the products you’re after. Although nothing can 100% be guaranteed, there are a wealth of legitimate suppliers out there will exceptional reputations – so don’t be fearful of dipping your toes into this market; it can be done safely and securely.

We have some golden rules that we think every online purchaser should stick to when buying online. They are as follows:

1) Domestic (USA) sources only: This is very important if you want to stay safe and increase the chances of receiving what you’ve ordered. Although it can be tempting to use international suppliers because they are typically cheaper, doing so will increase the risks involved – something you definitely want to avoid. If you order steroids from abroad they will have to come through customs, which vastly increases the chances of them being found compared to domestic mail and parcel delivery. If customs does decide to open your package and finds steroids, the best case scenario is your name and address being blacklisted along with your package being destroyed, with the worst case scenario being jail time! Of course, neither of these are things you’d want to experience (particularly the latter!), so by sticking to domestic sources only, you’ll massively reduce the chances of either of the above happening. 

2) Always make a test purchase: Don’t make the mistake of placing a huge order the first time you use a certain supplier – even if they have lots of really positive reviews. Why? Because the online steroid market is the black market after all; therefore, one must always be careful and cautious, regardless of the status of a supplier. But it’s not only that – you can also see how the supplier performs with regards to customer service, products and delivery. Do they respond to email promptly and keep you up to date? Did you receive the products you ordered? Were they genuine/did they work as they should? Was the shipping time acceptable and within their stated guidelines? If you can answer all of these positively then you can place a larger order next time. However, we always advise being careful when buying steroids as you never know when a supplier may disappear (and sometimes with your money!).

3) Use your card to pay: Even in 2019, the majority of people will advise using card payments because they have some exaggerated fear of being scammed! Although we certainly do advise being careful and cautious when using your card online (particular where steroids are concerned), if you can find a legitimate supplier (by following our ‘golden rules’ above) then you shouldn’t be worried about using your card online. Why? Because it’s all secure. It’s not like you’ll be providing it over the phone for them to write down or anything of that nature; you’ll be entering it into a secure form that cannot be seen by the store itself. Paying by card is actually the best way to protect your money. If the transaction goes wrong, you can simply contact your bank, tell them you’ve not received the products you ordered (obviously don’t say they were steroids!) and initiate a chargeback. The store you ordered from won’t ever respond to or fight the claim as that would potentially expose their operation, which is something they’d never risk doing. Other types of payment such as wire/bank transfer, bitcoin, MoneyGram and Western Union (for example) cannot be reversed. Add this all together and it becomes clear which form of payment best protect your money!

How to get your hands on genuine anabolics and avoid fakes

The second fear many people have where sourcing steroids online is concerned is receiving fake steroids (or ones that are underdosed). Although without actually testing the steroid itself, it is impossible to know whether it is legitimate (or accurately dosed), there are many ways to reduce the chances of receiving poor products.

Firstly, you must use steroid review sites – not only to read reviews on supplier, but also on brands themselves (there is a section for this on both eRoids and MuscleGurus). Research is always the key when making any online purchase – and steroid brands are no different. Just like the stores that sell them, it is easy to find out whether or not a particular lab offers legitimate products or not. In addition, there is now an online venture that actually tests steroids from many brands and posts the results of the tests on their website. 

Secondly, you must take a note of prices and be aware of the standard price for all the various steroids currently available on the market. Although it will vary from brand to brand (pharmaceutical grade steroids will always be more expensive than products produced by underground labs), there is a standard pricing allowance for all different steroids, i.e. what is normal. The best thing to look out for if you’re worried about fakes is for products that should be expensive but aren’t. Examples of this would be Anavar, HGH, Primobolan and Halotestin, as these are the three most expensive anabolics currently available. Anabolics such as Masteron, Trenbolone, Winstrol, Equipoise and Turinabol are on the next ‘tier’ where pricing is concerned, followed by Dianabol, Testosterone, Anadrol, Deca Durabolin and Clenbuterol on the bottom tier, i.e. the cheapest to manufacture; therefore the cheapest to buy. If in doubt, check out several sites and see how prices compare between brands. If anything looks too low, rule it out. Orals are typically more expensive than injectables, although HGH is by far and away the most expensive PED readily available. 

An Overview

After reading the above article, you should have a good idea of what the do’s and don’t are when it comes to buying steroids online. However, just be sure, remember to always do your research, only buy from domestic sources, use your card to pay where possible and never make a big order the first time you make a purchase.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for reading!